How to figure out what theme a WordPress site is using

Have you ever stumbled onto a site and thought, I wish I knew how they built that? Or I want that feature!

I’ve experienced “site envy” on more than one occasion and actually think it is a good thing to be curious about how others have set up their sites. In fact, it is one of the first questions I ask clients: what are the sites that inspire them?


3 simple steps to figuring out what wordpress theme a site it using:

Step 1: Go to the site you would like to investigate

Step 2: Right-click on the page -> Click View Page Source.


Step 3: Hit Ctrl + F and search for the keyword “themes“. You will notice the “themes” label inside a long URL within code. In this example, you should see that I am using a theme called Patricia. You can then do a Google Search for that theme to learn more about it from the theme developer.


A few caveats: some people elect to create child themes and rename them to something completely different. In this case, you might need to dig a little deeper and look for “wp-content” to learn more. If all else fails, you can always reach out to the site owner themselves! :)

While we are at it, you might be curious about more than just the theme they are using. When I am doing investigation, I use a site called  BuiltWith. BuiltWith literally takes only a few seconds and it will generate a report with all kinds of helpful information like where they host and what plugins they have installed. Here is the BuiltWith report for my site.




Your turn: Have you ever wondered what theme or web host someone was using? Do you get inspiration off how others have built their site?

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