Wednesday Roundup 5

In this week’s Wednesday Roundup, I cover making serious money with your platform, how I keep all of my notes together, building a great opt-in incentive, and more!



1. How to Make $150,000 This Year from Your Platform: I love this podcast from Michael Hyatt where he interviews Dan Miller from 48 Days to the work you love. Dan explains exactly how you can make $150,000 in the next twelve months from your platform. I am so inspired by these guys and this podcast is a must listen to anyone wanting to make money with your platform!


2. Evernote: I can’t say enough good things about Evernote. This notetaking tool has become my digital brain and is where I keep all of my thoughts, ideas, and notes. I use Evernote because it syncs flawlessly on my iPhone, iPad, and computer. The application allows you to easily gather everything that matters. You can clip web articles, capture handwritten notes, and use its powerful search to make everything you’ve collected easy to find.

3. How To Build an Amazing Opt-In Incentive: Rita over at blog Genie is a rock star at blog design. She has built some amazing resources for bloggers and specializes in helping healthy living and fitness bloggers achieve their platform goals. I really like this article on building an amazing opt-in incentive. So many bloggers out there have a generic Subscribe Now button — if you take the time to make that incentive, you will see your response rates skyrocket!

4. Entreleadership: Finance guru Dave Ramsey goes through everything you ever wanted to know about building and growing a business but didn’t know who to ask. He has built a hugely successful company that has been recognized as one of the best places to work in Nashville. This practical guide is for anyone wanting to get ahead in business.

5. Site of the Week: Clean Eating Veggie Girl: Hannah is a good friend of Joanna and I’s and has a fantastic blog called Clean Eating Veggie Girl. She shares her journey of cooking, dining, and living life in her mostly plant-based world. I am blown away by how many creative recipes she has come up with!

I had the pleasure of working on her site and love how it turned out. She has a three column layout and uses a theme called Thesis. I like using Thesis for clients because of its amazing versatility, you can literally craft anything you want with this theme and it’ll work on any device. There is a steep learning curve when you first start using it, but once you get past that the sky is the limit!

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