Wednesday Roundup 4

In this week’s Wednesday Roundup, I cover the latest Apple release, a hilariously helpful video blog series, the best tool for Twitter management, and more!



1. Apple Buzz: iPhone 6 Pre-Order Record, IOS 8 Review
Unless you are living under a rock, you probably heard about the new iPhone 6 coming out this week. Needless to say Joanna and I are pumped for the new release. We have been Apple fans for awhile now and replace our phones every 2 years as a part of this release cycle.

The iPhone 6 promises to be a big improvement, both in size and power. We can’t wait for them to arrive Friday (yes I woke up at 2AM to pre-order online).

Another big event is that iOS 8 arrives today. This means that everyone with an iPhone 4S or higher will be able to take advantage of some pretty amazing features upon upgrade. Here is a thorough review of all of the new functionality, I am personally most excited about trying the Health app!

2. #AskGaryVee Vlog series
I’m a big Gary Vaynerchuk fan and you’ll probably be seeing a lot of him on the Wednesday Roundup. He has been taking YouTube and Instagram by storm with his new #AskGaryVee video series. In 10 minutes, Gary answers listener questions. His personality cracks me up and his advice is always spot on. Watch #AskGaryVee here or watch episode 14 above.


3. TweetDeck
TweetDeck is an application that allows you to kick your Twitter into high gear. This tool allows you to schedule posts and create columns based on certain criteria like lists or hashtag searches. I use this tool every single day as my way to keep up on what is going on with Twitter. I schedule a lot of my tweets in bulk and this tool makes it incredibly easy.

Bonus tip: after you start following more than 200 people, your natural Twitter feed will become overwhelming. You can create lists of the people you follow and then use TweetDeck to surface a feed of just those people. I put all of my close friends into a list, that way I can keep updated on what they are tweeting about!



4. Team Showcase Premium WordPress Plugin
This premium plugin is seriously amazing. I built a site for the Omaha Bloggers and one of their requests was to have a sortable roster of all of the bloggers. I wracked my brain how to do this without a huge amount of effort and finally stumbled upon the Team Showcase Premium Plugin. It has so many features including the ability to easily add members, display their photo, and social media. What sets this plugin apart is its huge variety of styles and its easy of use. I also love that you can set it to display in random order, that way one single person is not always on the top of the page! It does cost $16, but it worth every penny and will save you a ton of time on maintenance!

5. Great posts over at Makingmine!
My wife Joanna is seriously rocking over at Makingmine. If you are a parent, these two articles must reads!

the best parenting advice i’ve ever received
why i chose to be a stay-at-home mom

Your turn: what tools do you use for managing your social media accounts?

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