Wednesday Roundup 3

In this week’s Wednesday Roundup, I cover a book to help you find the work you love, a podcast on servant leadership, what people are really doing on a conference calls, and more!


As always, feel free to comment with your feedback!


1. 48 Days To The Work You Love: I love Dan Miller and all that he does to help people find their calling. In this book, Dan helps you better understand your skills, personality traits, values, dreams, and passions. He also walks you through a step-by-step process for creating a Life Plan to translate that into meaningful daily work.

This book inspired me to become an entrepreneur and to start Murnan Creative. I spent way too long sitting on the sidelines dreaming “what-if” and this Life Plan truly motivated me to go for it.

Why Leaders Eat Last with Simon Sinek [Podcast]: In this podcast, Simon walks you through how you can get your team to seamlessly work together and accomplish remarkable things. He mentions the military analogy where the lowest ranking officers eat first and the highest eat last. This symbolizes being a servant leader and putting the needs of your people over the needs of yourself.

I see this far too often in corporate America where it is all about the senior leader and his or her ambitions. When leaders act this way, their people feel like numbers in a spreadsheet and less like valued employees.



3. Google Drive: I use Google Drive as my go-to file storage solution and as a place to share large photos with friends & family. I like Google Drive because it easily syncs across all of my devices and has plenty of storage (15 GB free). I use this over Dropbox simply because of the additional free storage capability.



4. What People Are Really Doing When They’re on a Conference Call: As a remote worker I had to laugh at this one. I find myself falling into the trap of multitasking during meetings and it is very difficult to stay engaged. This article walks you through some of the common things people are doing during conference calls and provides tips for facilitators to get the most out of their meetings.



5. Patience: As a general rule, I am a pretty impatient person…I want it all and I want it now.

I need to continue to remind myself that things don’t always happen immediately. While it is good to push for what you want, the balance comes with knowing when to hold back and let time do its thing.

 Your turn: What do you do during conference calls? Have you found yourself drifting away from the topic at hand?

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