Why I decided to create a blog about blogging

Welcome to my new blog dedicated to helping bloggers and small business take their platform to the next level. There are so many talented authors out there with the desire to grow and my mission is to assist you on your journey.


It is hard to believe that only a few years ago my wife Joanna and I were working on our first blog together.

We burnt the midnight oil tweaking her site, brainstorming new content ideas, and learning the ins and outs of WordPress.

I realized that the skills I learned could directly translate to other bloggers out there. I would have never dreamed that I would take this hobby and build a web design company around it!

Never Enough Time

There is one thing most of us agree on: there is never enough time in the day. From writing the next post to dealing with frustrating technical issues, there is rarely a shortage of stuff to do.

I know that your time is incredibly precious and plan to provide actionable byte sized resources to make your life just a little bit easier.

Why start a blog?

I love that with a few dollars and an idea — anyone can become an author. I enjoy teaching others and helping them realize that technology is not as scary as it can seem. I believe that anyone can manage their own platform with a little help.

Whether you are thinking about starting a site or have built a loyal audience, this site is for you.

The Format

I’ve learned from observing other bloggers that consistency is key. I’ve attempted personal blogs in the past and failed because I was not consistent {more on that topic another day}.

Each Monday I will publish actionable resources. A few topics will include:

  • WordPress 101
  • Google Analytics
  • Email subscription forms & newsletters
  • Resource guide: best plugins & tools
  • Monetizing your blog
  • Search Engine Optimization
Each Wednesday I will publish a digest of helpful links. Searching the internet for the best resources is a lot of work. I’ll do the heavy lifting for you and will feature a variety of things including book recommendations, website best practices, and everything in between.

Subscribe and Join

As a gift to my readers, I would like to offer you a free copy of my Blog Design Blueprint. This guide breaks down everything I have learned about building easy to navigate and intuitive web sites. You will be automatically subscribed to my email list and will receive the latest and greatest from Murnan Creative each week. Subscribe now!

Question: What are some of the challenges you face as a blogger? What type of training would you like to see? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


  1. This is really exciting, being able to learn from someone who has the knowledge and tools and best yet, can articulate how to use them in a user friendly way!

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